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here is what Cordovado homeowners are saying...

There are two things that stood out for my wife and I when our dream house was being built by Angelo and David Toneguzzo of Cordovado Homes. First of all, every single tradesperson that worked for Angelo and David said the same thing: That if they were going to build a house for themselves, they'd put the project in the hands of Cordovado Homes. Why? Well, most of these tradespeople felt Angelo and David were second to none when it came to making each and every one of them accountable for their work. Things like poor workmanship, tardiness and a lack of respect for both the job site and homeowner aren't tolerated by Cordovado Homes. Secondly, there was a feeling of comfort when we first walked into our new home. It was a feeling that had nothing to do with the hardwood, granite and paint colours we selected. The comfort came from daily visits to our lot during the building process. We knew our house was as solid as a rock and, for that, we owe thanks to Cordovado Homes.

Don and Lisa Taylor

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